Childcare Centres — What You Need to Know

15 May 2020
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Childcare is a necessity in Australia, as most families rely on two incomes to make it financially. As of March 2019, 44.3% of children five years and younger and 31.6% of children between 0-12 years attended approved childcare centres. The Australian Government, through the Child Care Pack, has also made childcare more accessible, flexible, and affordable. Benefits of Childcare Centres Daycare centres have daily routines to help children develop good habits. When a child knows what to expect each day at school, they become responsible.
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How Counting Exercises Can Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

27 April 2020
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If you put five pre-kindergarten children together and assess their capability, it's unlikely that they will all be "on the same page." Individual children tend to learn at their own pace, and they will not begin to make any real progress until they enrol in some form of formal education. Yet, you may be worried that your child is a little behind or may not be ready for their first kindergarten class.
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How To Help Your Child Make New Friends At The Child Care Centre

13 March 2020
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How well is your child doing socially in child care? You may not be around to see it, but there is certainly plenty that you can do to help your child make friends and enjoy a healthy social life. While there is no guarantee that the friendships your child forms in kindergarten will stand the test of time into their adult life, these friendships are definitely worth it in the present.
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4 Effective Ways to Teach Your Preschool Child to Share

11 March 2020
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Teaching your preschool child how to share is an important step in building their social skills. As they go to school, they will find themselves in situations where they have to share toys, learning materials and even food with other children. If your child is possessive and doesn't like sharing, they may have a hard time fitting in. To avoid this, here are four effective techniques you can employ to teach them how to share with others.
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Mould Your Preschoolers Right with These Teaching Styles

21 February 2020
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Child development is a very sensitive aspect of human life, and it is not always easy. Parenting is challenging, and the style you pick significantly affects traits such as self-reliance, self-control, curiosity and independence in a child. Parenting begins at birth and gradually evolves as the child develops. Preschool instructors assist with parenting by teaching the kids safety, hygiene and social interaction. Instructors are also tasked with imparting the right attitudes on ethics, religious beliefs and other aspects such as relationships and sexuality.
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