Childcare Centres — What You Need to Know

Childcare Centres — What You Need to Know

Childcare Centres — What You Need to Know

15 May 2020
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Childcare is a necessity in Australia, as most families rely on two incomes to make it financially. As of March 2019, 44.3% of children five years and younger and 31.6% of children between 0-12 years attended approved childcare centres. The Australian Government, through the Child Care Pack, has also made childcare more accessible, flexible, and affordable.

Benefits of Childcare Centres

Daycare centres have daily routines to help children develop good habits. When a child knows what to expect each day at school, they become responsible. They start taking charge of their daily activities. The scheduled daily activities in childcare centres are also essential for a child's intellectual growth and development. Also, by interacting at daycare centres, children gain social skills. Children also develop emotional resilience and learn to deal with their emotions better.

At childcare centres, children attain cognitive skills that make learning easier for them when they proceed to elementary school. Some of the activities that children engage in, such as solving puzzles or mazes, are meant to help children gain problem-solving skills. Children also learn to be independent at daycare centres where they get to be away from their parents while spending more time with other children.

Things to Look For in a Childcare Centre

When choosing a childcare centre, it is important to think about the type of programs offered at the centre. The ideal centre should offer a curriculum that supports a child's development. For example, the school may have poems that are a fun way for a child to learn the alphabet.

Another thing to consider is the child to teacher ratio. A good ratio ensures that your child will get enough attention. It is also important to ensure the staff is qualified and has a good connection with the children at the centre. Children are happier and more comfortable if their tutors are professionally encouraging and warm towards them.

How is the communication between the educators and the parents? You need to get constant feedback about your child's progress. Also, consider the location of the facility for convenience. If the school is located far from the institution, you must ensure they have a favourable drop in and pick up hours.

Childcare centres play a significant role in Australia. They make things easier for working parents and help in the development of young children. Make sure your child is enrolled in a daycare facility with a standard curriculum and high-quality amenities.

To learn more, contact a childcare centre near you. 

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