How Counting Exercises Can Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

How Counting Exercises Can Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

How Counting Exercises Can Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

27 April 2020
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If you put five pre-kindergarten children together and assess their capability, it's unlikely that they will all be "on the same page." Individual children tend to learn at their own pace, and they will not begin to make any real progress until they enrol in some form of formal education. Yet, you may be worried that your child is a little behind or may not be ready for their first kindergarten class. What can you do at home to make progress?

Slow and Steady

You mustn't put too much pressure on yourself, or your child, as you look forward to their first day away. They will quickly learn to blend in with the other kids and with their teachers and remember that the facility will gear everything towards a simple learning process from day one.

Nevertheless, try to practice some simple tasks and some identification exercises as you get ready. You can buy some books that will help introduce letters of the alphabet in a fun and colourful way, as one example.

Counting Exercises

You can always help them learn how to count to 10 by using some visual aids.

Identify the specific numbers as you perform a task. Open a box of crayons, pour them all out onto the table and then add them, one by one back into the box. As you do so, ask your child to repeat the specific numbers as you vocalise and as you move the crayon from place to place. Then, pour the crayons back onto the desk and ask your child to replace them individually, helping them to label each one by its number.

Keep It Interesting

Come up with several different examples and try to make these little exercises fun and enjoyable. For example, how many teddy bears or other stuffed toys do they have in the bedroom? How many plates do you set on the dinner table in the evening? Don't get frustrated if they lose attention or seem to be slow to pick it up, as it is a process. Remember, repetition is a good thing.


Make sure that you enrol your child in a first-class kindergarten facility. It's worth doing your research, gathering testimonials, or reaching out to pose any questions that you may have. The staff may also be able to give you some additional tips to help you prepare your little one for their big adventure.

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