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"I Wish You" by Ann Ebert

I wish you
seas of love,
skies of light
and lands of peace and prosperity

I wish you
mountains of faith,
forests of freedom
and towering trees of knowledge

I wish you
seashores of tranquil moments,
waves of ecstasy
and sunsets of authentic expression

I wish you
fountains of hope,
waterfalls of wisdom
and deep pools of trust

I wish you
seasons of joy,
flowering blooms of beauty
and gardens of abundance

I wish you
rivers of flowing relationships,
infinite stars of meaningful friendships
and many moons of magic

I wish you
spiritually sensational sex in oneness,
a body overflowing with bliss
and oceans of innocence

I wish you
clear springs of awareness,
meadows of miraculous insights
and gentle winds of transformation

I wish you
cities of continuous growth,
countries connected in harmony
and the universal language of the heart

I wish you
all this and more,
within and without
of your Heaven on Earth

Ann Ebert

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