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"The Peace Flame" by Antonia

Through the eyes of a child there is a place where all the wonders and magic of the world dance in a beautiful rainbow of bliss, a place of dreams and imagination and a place beyond the treetops and out into the stars, where magic reigns and the mysteries of the universe unfold in simple stories waiting to be told.

The Earth has a story to tell, the children hear her in their dreams, she talks to them of ancient times when dragons walked the earth and unicorns danced through enchanted forests. The Earth tells the children of the times when peace reigned on earth, when the animals honoured each other and people listed to her messages through the seasons, the winds and the oceans of change.

The time has come once more for the tales of past forgotten to come to life, to awaken in the dawn of a new era of light, to shine their wisdom and truth to the ones who can still here her and listen to her wisdom. The Earth has a message for her children, a message of peace, of beauty and understanding, for though the eyes of understanding comes acceptance and through acceptance, peace.

The essence of peace my child, lies within your heart for when you are kind to yourself, there is peace; When you are gentle and understanding with yourself, there is peace; When you trust and accept that in the divine plan of things all is well, there is peace; and when you feel this peace within your heart, it radiates through your whole being, through your emotions and thoughts, through your spirit and soul and as your soul unites with the earth, so you radiate peace to all her children, the animals and every living thing. When you choose to find peace in your heart, it will be there and when you choose to create peace on Earth, the spirit of peace shall once again reign upon the Earth and we shall live in harmony, honouring each other and accepting every moment as a gift from our dear mother, the Earth.

The children of the earth hear her calling and listen to their mother, for she is wise and loving and has our best interests in her heart. To hear her message you have only to listen to your heart and honour that truth that wisdom and that beauty, which in essence is the light of divinity, illuminated as a flame of Peace.

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