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"Divine Creation" by Antonia

I created a garden in my being as a soul

I made it from my essence and I coloured it with love

I planted trees and Oceans

I nurtured plants and fields

I gave the earth my spirit and I watched her bloom with pride.

I gave her light and the gift of shadows

I gave her beauty in a rainbow

I gave her laughter and I gave her tears

I gave her my heart and shared with her my fears.

In the moment I stood still she spoke few words to me

She said, "I am your mother, so let me nourish you"

She said, "I am your child, so come and play with me"

She said, "I am your teacher, so come and learn to live"

She Said, "You created me in love, now let me love you".

And so I dived into the oceans of the Earth

and was born to experience the magnificence of my divine creation.

One being divided by beauty, One world United in love.

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