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"Raindrops" by P.J. Faulkner

In a sea of falling tears,
Where there are drunkards, throwing jeers,
And you cry all alone,
And your heart sighs a tone,
From your mind.

Why won't these people listen?
Why can't I speak my mind?
This questions, they all glisten,
The words are spoken into time.

The countless, falling raindrops,
Even though I wish, time won't stop,
Raindrops wet my heart and my face,
Never will they stop until I've found my place,
In my soul.

The questions, they are answers,
And vice versa this is true,
My raindrops are all dancers,
Spinning in the dew.

We must light a candle,
For all those who've been a handle,
For all those who have pulled us through,
Whisper to the wind 'I Thank You'.

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