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"If ?" by Zoe (aged 12)

If I had a star that could shine so bright,
that it could fill every corner of the earth.
Past the greatest virtues that lie beyond us,
and light the hearts and souls of every living being,
whose dreams may wonder across the infinite galaxies of lifeless timeless space.
If I had the power to bring joy to every man
that dares bare a soul that lays dead and lifeless,
lost in the hands of the devil.
As their mind, heart, soul and anything that is of any meaning or virtue
to them slips away into nothingness.
Whose limits know nothing but boundaries?
If I had the power to hold the entire universe in the palm of my hand, ~
and watch as every second seems like a dimension has past.
In the unbelievable imagination that I could dream. I would know,
right then my life had purpose

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