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"Magic" by Stephen Page

I looked in the mirror,
And my reflection looked back.
But in the eyes was a sparkle,
That wasn't there before.

In the cold of morning,
I feel the warmth of the dream.
When I'm busy with daily chores,
I remember the kiss.

Would you call me stupid
If sat and prayed to the phone ?
Would the world see me as naïve
If my love was purely yours ?

If I had the power…
If you believed in magic…
If I had 3 wishes …
If I were an Eagle that could soar into the sky,
your love would be mine and my love would be yours.

And now I've heard your voice,
and felt the warmth of your heart,
will this heaven ever be complete ?
now you have touched my soul.

If I had the knowledge …
If you believed in magic …
If I could have my way …
We would be Dolphins swimming in the open seas,
exploring in freedom every mystery and joy of life.

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