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My Lapis Heart

You are the colour of deep midnight blue
Calming, Healing, wisdom and truth
You are my teacher in moments of dark
Speak to me my Lapis heart

You bring me rest, you bring me calm
My own special place
My own guiding path

Soothing me, teaching me, the gift of myself
Releasing away from me, pain and the hurt
Fly through your heavens of golden bright stars
Beautiful my Lapis heart

More information about the crystal Lapis Lazuli
(taken from The Wonderful World of Crystals & Minerals by Ann Clinton)

Mineral Silicate, also known as Lapis or Lazurite. Locations mined are Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Italy, Usa.

Cleansing Method Distilled water. Name Origin From the Persian lazward blue. Colour The colour is dark blue with gold flecks of pyrite.

Occurrence Rare. Mohs Hardness 5.5

Use :- I use this stone as an emotional and spiritual sanctuary. It is the stone of greatest PAIN relief and the only one I know that helps prevent and relieve migraine headaches. Associated with truthfulness, clarity of thought, inspiration, intuition, inner power, and self-confidence, I consider this stone is strengthening to the mind and body. Allowing us to tap our own inner power, enabling us to communicate with the higher self and our spirit guardians.

Effect :- Enhances communication with the higher self, whilst dispersing negativity. Balances and stabilises yin / yang.

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